This makes it two years in a row for the Skoda Superb, backing up last year’s class and overall win with another victory in the ‘1400-1549kg’ class.

Its biggest challenge this year wasn’t from another car, but from the weather. Stronger winds than we experienced in 2016 made the testing more difficult for all cars, and we could feel some movement from the caravan when towing above the UK motorway limit.

Gusting winds also made the lane-change test tougher. But driving sensibly at legal speeds, the Superb showed its quality with excellent stability, and the Skoda recovered very quickly from any short, sharp steering input.

If you need to stop in a hurry, the Superb comes to a stop quickly and without drama. Slowing from 30mph with a caravan in tow took 10.6m. It’s not just the short distance that impresses, but the car’s stability while slowing and the lack of bumping and barging from the caravan.

There’s pace when you need it, too. With 251lb ft of torque, the trusty 2.0-litre engine has plenty of pulling power to handle a caravan loaded to 85% of the car’s kerbweight. Accelerating from 30-60mph, as you might when joining the motorway, took 12.1 seconds.

The Superb is just as impressive when you leave the caravan behind. It handles tidily with plenty of grip and an assured approach to bends.

The ride is comfortable, too, shrugging off lumps and bumps at low speed and settling down to a relaxed gait on the motorway.

Cabin space is outstanding. Rear legroom puts many large executive cars to shame, and the quality of the interior is a world away from Skoda’s past as a budget brand.

The boot is huge, too, with a greater capacity than many estate cars’. That’s just one reason why the Superb impressed our practicality test team, along with the availability of a full-sized spare wheel.

We really think £26,550 is a very keen price for a car as roomy and capable as this, and that should drop by around £2000 if you haggle.

Fuel bills should be low, too – after testing the Superb’s towing economy against five other shortlisted cars, it’s the winner of this year’s ‘Fuel Economy’ award as well as taking the class victory.

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