We have no hesitation in making the Ford Mondeo 1.5T EcoBoost our ‘Best Petrol Tow Car’ of 2015.

The engine really is a star. It may not have as much pulling power as the diesel equivalent, but with 177lb ft torque it’s noticeably stronger in the middle of the rev range than most petrols. But at the same time it’s also a lot easier on the ears than most diesels. It’s not quite the best of both worlds and we’d still prefer the diesel version for regular towing. However, if you don’t drive enough miles to justify the extra expense of the diesel, this engine is a peach.

Accelerating from 30-60mph took just 13.1 seconds. Once up to speed the Mondeo was stable and in control, and recovered quickly from any short, sharp steering inputs.

The lane-change test held no fear for this Ford. On the third and quickest attempt the caravan was sliding around behind the car, but the Mondeo stayed on course and pulled the caravan straight again.

If we missed the extra muscle of diesel power, it was in the hill-start test. Although the electronic parking brake held first time and released smoothly, plenty of revs and clutch slip was required to pull to the top of the 1-in-6 hill.

Our practicality judges found space for all their holiday bits and pieces in the Mondeo’s generous boot, and were pleased to note the fitment of a trailer stability system.

What Car?’s experts predict modest resale values – all the more reason to push for a big discount on the list price.

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