This year’s winner of the Best Ultralight Tow Car award is the Renault Captur.

A low towing limit of just 900kg rules it out for a full-sized caravan, but anyone with a trailer tent to tow should put the Captur at the top of their shortlist.

Stability at speed proved excellent, as the car felt solid at 60mph and beyond. In the lane-change test, direct steering and well-controlled suspension kept car and trailer in line.

With just 90PS (89bhp) the Captur doesn’t accelerate hard with a trailer behind it, but the 30-60mph time of 19.4 seconds means you won’t be holding up traffic. Strong brakes stopped car and trailer from 30mph in just 9.7 metres.

Leave the trailer at home and the Captur is pleasant to drive, with nimble handling and a refined engine. Running costs should be low, with an official combined economy figure of 76.4mpg. We shortlisted the Captur for our Green Award, and achieved 33.8mpg towing on a mixture of A-roads and motorways.

Our practicality team found room for all the holiday luggage bar one item, and were impressed by the Captur’s high noseweight limit relative to its towing capacity. However, although the car comes with stability control, there’s no Towing Stability Programme.

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